Contracts & Grants

Grants Awarded

  • Improving care transitions for acute stroke patients through a patient-centered home based case management program. Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), 10/1/2014-9/30/2017, Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI), with M. Reeves (PI, Epidemiology) et al., $2,000,000, Research Activities.
  • Deconstructing Strategic Marketing Communications on Social Media: Enabling Structuration, Socialization, and Crisis Management. Leo Burnett Detroit, 2013-2014, Principal Investigator, $65,000. Research Activities.
    Project Scope: A ground-up investigation of multi-channel, multi-sector, multi-brand social media marketing messaging to produce contextually relevant and generalizable recommendations for strategic communications.
  • Text Messaging to Improve Adherence to Oral Chemotherapy Agents. McKesson
    Foundation, 2012-2013, Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI), with S. Spoelstra (PI,
    Nursing) et al., $250,000, Research Activities.
    Project Scope: To explore the potential of an SMS-based messaging intervention in improving cancer patients’ adherence with prescribed medication. RC102392
  • Brand Social Media for Consumer Engagement. Leo Burnett, 2011, Principal Investigator, $25,000. Research Activities. Gift (no CGA entry).
    Project Scope: Research to understand how can consumers, who engage with companies listed in Fortune 500 and Ad Age’s Top 100 Leading National Advertisers on Facebook be characterized in terms of personas, and what are recommended marketing/engagement strategies for each of these consumer personas.
  • Community Engagement Workshop (Workshop Bid) for King Faisal University (KFU), 2011, Co-PI (with Pat Farrell from Outreach) – $49,523.90. RC100586
  • E-Learning Entrepreneurship and Education program for King Khalid University (KKU), Saudi Arabia (4-year, $13M funding proposal; $100,000 pilot approved and underway)
    Project Scope: This partnership will build upon MSU’s unique expertise in community-enabled entrepreneurship, and will enable KKU students to develop sustainable small businesses. The focus is on the professional development, empowerment, and entrepreneurship skills training for young women enrolled in undergraduate university studies and beyond.
  • Role of Internet in Knowledge Transfer, Knowledge Management and Public Participation in Outdoor Recreation: Continuation No. 1, $248,810, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Co-PI (with Dennis Propst PI from Forestry Dept.). RC064240 / 2009-39478-20071; USDA/CSREES.
    Project Scope: The Corps team has approved a mobile usability pilot project to conduct a user needs analysis for park visitors and to develop a mobile website/application for Corps Lakes Gateway.

    • Conducted review of existing mobile sites and applications to determine the current state-of-the-art and catalog what features may be expected by visitors to the Corps Lakes Gateway mobile site.
    • Conducting academic literature review on the topic to find relevant research and best practices.
    • The Corps project managers will be on-site with our research team on May 9-10 (Scott Jackson and Kathleen Perales from headquarters in Vicksburg, MS).
  • Usability and Accessibility of Nutrition and Physical Activity Education Information for Blind and Low Vision Internet Users, United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA), Food Stamp Program-Nutrition Network, 2007-2008, $80,913, Research activities, Co-Principal Investigator (15% match), with S. Swierenga, P.I. (15%) and P. Whitten, Co-PI (3%); Booth (PI). ADMIN-08-99009
  • Vulnerable Medicaid Populations: A Public Policy Assessment of Abuse Reduction: 2005-2007, Michigan Department of Public Health, ($994,034). Co-Principal Investigator (36%) with Lori A. Post, P.I. et al. RC069211 / CFDA 93.778.
  • Low Literacy Website for Parents of Pediatric Patients: 2005-2006, Michigan Department of Community Health, $165,000. Co-Principal Investigator (3%) with Pamela Whitten, P.I., et al.

Unfunded relevant experience

  • Text Messaging (SMS): An Added Intervention to Reduce AMI 30-Day Readmission Rates. MSU-Sparrow Center for Research and Innovation, 2014-2015, Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI), with J. Savage (PI, Sparrow Health System) et al., $50,000, Research Activities.
    Project Scope:
    1) To decrease Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI) 30-day readmission rates and the associated financial burden on Sparrow Health System (SHS) by enhancing the current AMI Post Discharge Program (AMIPDP) to newly diagnosed AMI patients.
    2) To improve patient adherence to disease management including 2,000mg sodium restriction, medications, and follow-up appointments post AMI discharge.
    3) To improve patient self-care efficacy in AMI disease management and patient satisfaction with hospital care.
    The project was discontinued, as funds were not received following the departure of the PI from the project site.
  • Design Considerations and Usability of a Mobile Web App for Coupon-Based Promotions on Smartphones, ECU INC. 12/17/10-2/28/11. Unfunded. Research activities, Principal Investigator. RC069142.
    Project Scope: Constantinos was part of a team at TISM working with an industry client on a research project to design and develop a smartphone-focused mobile marketing platform that enables brands to create digital promotions, retailers to time the offering of these promotions, and consumers to receive these promotions before and at the point of purchase; the service leverages QR codes. The project was discontinued as funds were not received by the grantor.